AB-2 Class 1 and Class 2

The only noise control system to not only measure data but also provide solutions. An unparalleled tool, MeTrao Network sound level monitoring systems provide audio professionals and event organizers with a quick and easy way to measure and observe the increasingly strict sound level regulations prevalent today.


MeTraoPat® algorithm
A groundbreaking technique unique for MeTrao systems. Based on pattern recognizing algorithms
the system can identify a single sound source in an environment with multiple sources even at
1/3 octave level by comparing audio inputs, even across an ethernet work.


Event Noise Management
Identifying the event noise part at a high background level (ignoring sources like passing cars, audience, talking people near the measuring point in the environment)

MeTrao Event® module
The ultimate event noise management module. Dynamic and real-time insight at 1/3 of octave level in the sources (stages) that causes the measured sound levels in the environment including the contribution per source in dB(A) and dB(C) Logged chats with different communication and warning levels with FOH engineers, event management, and authorities. MeTrao WebFace® offers all the remote setup, logging warning, calculating and reporting tools.

City Noise Management
The ultimate tool for controlling the noise of the hospitality industry and other sources by automatically identifying the source and warning the source. MeTrao WebFace® offers all the remote setup, logging warning, calculating and reporting tools.


• Class 1 or Class 2 IEC 61672:2013 sound level measurements
• 2 +48V phantom powered mic-line input on XLR connector
• 1/3 octave real-time analysis
• FFT analysis 1024 lines in selectable frequency band
• Time-domain signal recording on USB storage
• Advanced database-based logger with 1 year of built-in storage (1 channel, all data)
• Ethernet connectivity for networkable large-scale systems and remote display options

Download the pdf below
MeTrao AB-2-pdf